We Make Your Life Easier!

Why us?  Because we make your life easier!   Many companies look for web development/design companies for solutions to their web and design needs but ended up with complicated solutions which they may fail to understand, not to mention the accompanying costs.    This results in creating ‘white elephant’ web solutions that are unable to address their needs.

IT/Web solutions are supposed to make your life easier. Not complicate it.That is what we will achieve for you.


About Jerry Lim

Jerry Lim had his first foray in computer at the tender age of 10 where he was ‘forced’ to program and animate a circle in the then DOS system. Since then, he seems to be unable to run away from the clutches of IT.

Started out as a designer and actively involved in web development since 1999, Jerry Lim founded the current company in 2007 after pioneering 2 IT-based companies in his polytechnic and university days.\